fire. water. breather

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fire water, breather,

Press Release 1/5/2020

fire water breather album cover 2020

There’s something really satisfying about getting a new track out. Especially when it didn’t take me years to finish. Fire, water breather is my first breaks track since “Marigold” yet I often forget how much of the way I started listening to dance music, came from big beat, breaks and other broken style

Listening back to it the red and the blue came to mind, and I noticed in hindsight how much The Doors have influenced my style. It comes out in the melody and tone of this track.

This is the first track I’ve released that doesn’t contain any guitar, and not for want of trying to put it in. There is much more taken out of this, including many words. Yet chopped and diced they are still there. Here is the poem that you can look at where the track gets its name from:

Fire water breather


Father brother son


Since the dawn the light has risen

Back to fill and widen my eyes

Yet my brain,

Like a muscle

retains the limps from the fall

The crutch rubbing under the arm

To heal the wound is so hard

When the tissue that fell

Lies as smoke on the breeze

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